Our Daycare Subscription Program

Enjoy daycare playgroups when you want for as long as you want!   No more worrying about how many days are left on your package.   No more worrying about using a full day credit for a half day of play.   With our daycare subscription service, there is always a spot in daycare for your pup for as little or as long as you need to send them to us.   We currently offer three difference subscription packages:

  • Double Play – $315 – For the pup that attends daycare two days a week – religiously!   Receive 9 daycare credits each month
  • Triple Play – $435 –  Three times a charm – For the pup that attends daycare three days a week.  Receive 14 daycare credits each month
  • All You Can Play* $750 – For the pup that just can’t get enough playtime.  Receive 30 daycare credits each month.

Each subscription also offers the following benefits:

  • A standing reservation for daycare.  There is always space for your pup.
  • Webcam viewing of your pup in playgroup.
  • Easy monthly subscription fee debited to your credit card on file on a set date every month.
  • Unused subscription daycare credits expire at the end of each month and do not roll over
  • An active credit card must be kept on file with Bow chika Wow Town.  BcWT will securely store all information
  • There are no refunds for subscription services
  • Subscriptions may be shared by dog’s in the same home but they are not transferable
  • Cancellation of a subscription package must be done in writing or via email 14 days prior to the next billing date
  • Call us 10 minutes prior to arrival and we will have your pup ready to go when you pull up!
  • Daycare credits can not be used towards boarding services and fees