Evaluation Day

Evaluations are required for all new members

Evaluation Day

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Why All Day?

So, why all day? Let’s say you are invited to a big party. You have to go alone and you know none of the guests. You’re probably already a little anxious on the ride over. As you arrive, you meet a really friendly person and you hit it off. That person introduces you to another friendly person and then another and then another. You are starting to get comfortable and gain some confidence. Now, as you walk into the party, you actually have some friends on the inside! As time passes, you have met a lot of nice new people that have welcomed you and are able to kick back and be yourself! You actually have fun at the party and look forward to seeing your new friends again!

This is exactly what an evaluation day is like for your dog. Daycare is a new place, with all new smells and new people and lots of dogs

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Ready To Get Started

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Any pup that does not attend daycare within one month of their evaluation will be required to schedule a new eval day at the price of a day of daycare

Our Process

Evaluations are scheduled only during the week and only Monday – Thursday. We schedule one family per day so that we can focus on your dog and also not introduce too much new energy into our balanced playgroups. We do not charge for our evaluations. It is our belief that as we get to know each other, we are also building a long term relationship with both you and your pup.  Our evaluations are an all day event!  We are confident in our process and we have seen success in many pups that have not been a good fit at other facilities.

On evaluation day, your pup must be in by 9am.  Unfortunately, late arrivals can not be accommodated as we need to keep to our daily schedule.  You will be able to pick your pup up anytime after 3:30pm.  It is important that we are able to see you pup through our morning play group, nap time, and a part of our afternoon play group as well.

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What Will My Dog Be Doing All Day?

While your pup is with us for their evaluation day, they will be participating in our daycare program under the watchful eye of our skilled Attendants.  We will be looking for appropriate play, which types of dogs they are drawn to or if they prefer to be the ‘teacher’s pet’. The evaluation day is your dog’s day and our job is to focus on them to get to know them better.   A typical day of play is structured and scheduled.  We start the day with morning playgroup and the pups romp around until 11:30am.  From 11:30am until 1:30pm, all pups participate in downtime.  Each pup is brought to their own private enclosure for a rest and relaxation period.  It is at that time that snacks and lunches are distributed.  At 1:30pm, all of the pups comeback out for afternoon play until 5pm.  At 5pm, any pups still in our care are brought back to their private enclosures for another rest period.  It is at that time that our staff wipes them down and gives them a ‘snout – to – tail’ check-over.

At pickup, you will be given a report card on how your pup did as well as an information packet on our services and programs.