Day Boarding

Sometimes Group Situations Aren’t For Everyone

At Bow chika Wow Town we offer day boarding so your dog can enjoy all the comforts of living the solitary life, but with some human love and attention.  Day boarding dogs enjoy either the privacy of a bedroom suite or time at the Front Desk with our staff.   They also get walks and playtime without an overnight stay.

Day Boarders will be required to pass the first part of our behavioral evaluation but they do not have to pass the group play portion as they will not be in daycare.  The drop off schedule for Day Boarding follows out normal Daycare schedule.

Day Boarding is an Ideal option for:
  • Dogs with special needs
  • Dogs who don’t socialize well
  • Dogs who can’t be left home alone
  • Dogs who are in need special care or handling throughout the day while pet parents are at work — such as pre- or post-surgical dogs

While Day Boarding, your pup will be given several potty breaks throughout the day as well as lunch or snacks and any required medication.

Day Boarding Pricing

$27 for a half day

$39 for a full day