Pup K

The Puppy Program You Have Been Waiting For













Puppy School

Do You Want Your Pup To:

  • Learn how to play nicely with other puppies?
  • Not be fearful of loud noises?
  • Learn skills like “sit”, “stay” and “leave it”?
  • Learn good household manners?
  • Explore and learn how much fun their world can be?
  • Practice handling for grooming and veterinary visits?

Our Pup-K Program can teach them all of that, and more!

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Our Approach

Bow chika Wow Town recognizes that puppies have unique requirements for exercise, socialization, and sleep.   Puppies are most accepting of new experiences between 3 and 12 weeks old.  While a puppy typically doesn’t finish its vaccination series until they are 16 weeks old, Bow chika Wow Town adheres to the position statement from the American Veterinary Science of Animal Behavior.  The combination of maternal immunity passed to puppies, age-appropriate vaccines in their series, and a suitable environment can outweigh the risk of disease with the reward of early socialization.   This program is for puppies ages 8 to 20 weeks and is designed to get them ready for life in the real world while having fun.

Our PupK Instructor is a graduate of the Karen Pryor Puppy Right Start Training Program.

*We require that students in our program refrain from visiting other pet care facilities.   Our PupK room is isolated from our daycare and boarding areas and we maintain a very strict cleaning and handling protocol to protect the youngest of our students. 

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Pricing & Schedule

Pup-K will run on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Drop off is between 7:30am – 9:30am.    Pickup is between 3:30pm-5:30pm.   Cost for our 4 week PupK program, INCLUDING the Saturday Puppy Social, is $399 +tax.

Pricing includes:

  • Initial consultation with BcWT
  • 2 days per week for 4 weeks of Pup-K
  • Quality (Made in the USA) treats to assist with training
  • Weekly report cards
  • Saturday Puppy Social with Mom’s and Dad’s!
  • 30 minute consultation with BcWT at the conclusion of the program with recommended next steps
  • Graduation gifts include a free day of daycare, a graduation photo, and a cookie!
Puppy School


Puppies must be:

  • Between 8 and 20 weeks of age (5 months)
  • In your home for at least one week at the beginning of the Pup- K program to participate
  • In attendance for both sessions per week, for five consecutive weeks
  • Working on their homework.  Consistency is key for your puppy to learn.

Puppies must have:

  • At least their first series of puppy vaccines (DHPP, DA2PP, DHLPP) and stay on their vet’s required schedule for the next two series of vaccines
  • All puppies must receive a rabies vaccine at 12 weeks of age
  • All puppies must have their Bordetella vaccine
  • All puppies must present a negative fecal test with the Giardia panel