Dog Hotel

Why choose Bow chika Wow Town for your dog’s hotel choice?   We offer services that other facilities do not.  Our pricing is all-inclusive, our staff is trained in Pet CPR and First Aid, we administer medication and provide (supplied) nighttime treats at no added cost to you, we have live web cams, we offer private play and care for non-social dogs and we have overnight staff on site.    More often than not, playing all day in daycare makes for one sound sleeper.  However, if your dog tends to be anxious or has never boarded, take comfort in knowing that we are prepared for that.

Skunk Policy

To ensure a pleasant environment for all, if your dog is sprayed by a skunk, you must first wash your dog thoroughly at least once at home and pass our “sniff test” before being allowed access to our facility.

“What’s a typical day like when my dog is a guest at BcWT’s Dog Hotel?” Click the tabs to see!

Wake Up

  • Wake up
  • Go outside to potty
  • Breakfast is served
  • After breakfast nap is complete!
  • Hotel guests are brought out to join the daycare dogs where they:
    • Play Chase
    • Play Fetch
    • Sun themselves outside
    • Make new friends
    • Lounge in the pup pools or romp in the snow (weather dependent activities)
    • Or just sit and “dog-watch”!


Dogs need a down time too!  

Between 11:30am and 1:30pm our dogs take a break from play and rest and recharge in individual suites.  Dogs require rest and reprieve to avoid injuries or crankiness after a big exercise session.   This time also allows our team to debrief from morning group play, change shifts, and grab a bite to eat before the afternoon play begins.

  • Afternoon Play Begins
  • Another session of play begins after nap time
  • Our sessions of play reinforce commands, teach play manners, and provide mental stimulation to supplement the physical play.
  • Hotel guests head back to their suites at 5pm for dinner


After Dinner our hotel guests head out for one last stretch and potty break before a bedtime snack and lights out.  But don’t worry, they’re not alone!    Our overnight crew takes turns throughout the week keeping them company, getting the facility ready for the next day, and waking them up in the morning to potty and eat breakfast. 

Private Play Dog Boarding

Doggie daycare isn’t the best fit for all dogs.  However, all dogs deserve the benefits of socialization and a safe place to go while their owners are away.   We offer boarding options to dogs that either don’t meet the requirements of daycare, or who are simply more comfortable with one-on-one play and socialization with humans.   All guests that are booked as Private Play Stays will enjoy:

    • Multiple potty breaks throughout the day via Private Walks
    • One-on-one personal play time with one of our Attendants
    • A comfy suite all to themselves

To be eligible for Private Play Boarding, dogs must up to date on their vaccines, complete a facility evaluation and be non-human aggressive.

**Holiday Boarding Rates

During holiday periods (Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year’s) a $5 per night peak boarding rate fee will be added to our current rates.

What to pack for your pup’s stay with us

We will accept one personal item per dog per suite.   This item can be a blanket or favorite tee shirt.  Unfortunately we can not take dog beds from home.  Should they get soiled, we are not able to clean them properly.  While we have an ample collection of cozy blankets, and we always supply a bed for our guests, we are very limited on our storage space.   Because of that, we are also no longer able to accept full size dog food bags or other large containers full of kibble.   We ask that each meal be pre-packed, or at least broken down into 1 gallon sized Ziploc type bags.  All of our bowls are stainless steel and are sanitized after each use.   We also stock slow feeders and Kong wobblers for our guests that are accustomed to those.    Because we will not leave dogs unattended with toys, bully sticks or bones, we ask that you leave these items at home.  You will continue to provide food, treats and any medication that your pup will need during their time with us.


We are pleased to  offer “The More You Stay – The Less You Pay” discount.  Stays from 15+ nights will receive an additional 10% off of their nightly boarding rate. Additionally, we are proud to offer a 10% military and 1st responder discount on our boarding reservations.