Meet The Team!

At Bow chika Wow Town, we understand that your dog is a member of your family. We truly appreciate and value the trust that our customers place in us and we do not take that trust lightly.  We want you to feel confident in the care your dog receives when staying with us.   Our team is more than staff, they are family and they treat your dogs as part of our family.


Morning Shift Leader

You may know Victoria (Vikki) as one of our energetic morning crew staff that greets our dogs for their day.   Vikki has been working with dogs for 3+ years and it is her passion.   Her dream in life is to open a rehabilitation center and work with therapy dogs.  Vikki is certified in Pet CPR & First Aid,   She also specializes in Group Play and Dog Body Language.  Vikki is a key member of our team and puts in her best efforts daily to give every dog a safe and fun environment.

We asked Vikki, “If you were a dog, what breed/mix would you be and why?”

Vikki:  “I would be a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.   They are faithful, dependable, and family orientated.   They have loving personalities, are gentle and kind, and love adventures.   They make wonderful companions and I can relate to that.”

Vikki is currently certified in Pet CPR & First Aid.





Day Care Attendant

Jaky is a part of our morning crew.   On any given weekday, you will find Jaky in the park with our daycare dogs having a great time!  Jaky is also a student at the University of Rhode Island where she is studying Animal Science and Italian (yes, we do hear Jaky teaching the dogs multi lingual commands from time to time!)   Jaky’s goal is to always have a job in the animal care field and she sees herself as a Veterinary Technician one day.

We asked Jaky, “If you were a dog, what breed/mix would you be and why?”

Jaky:  “I would be a Bernese Mountain Dog.   Just like a “Berner” I can be goofy and loud, yet also sweet and quiet!”

Jaky is currently certified in Pet CPR & First Aid.


Day Care Attendant

Christine is a huge advocate for animal rescue.   She has been a volunteer at the Rhode Island Parrot Rescue since 2015.  Although Christine has a degree in Animation, her heart is with the animals.   She shares her home with a flock of 6 birds and her rescue dog, Stella.   Christine has a soft spot for the senior dogs and enjoys educating people on proper animal care.

We asked Christine, “If you were a dog, what breed/mix would you be and why?”

Christine: “I’m a Chihuahua because they think they’re tough (when they are not) and they never shut up.   I’m stubbornly head strong and wary of strangers, but value being around those I love.  On a day below 70 degrees, you can find me huddled under a pile of blankets (that I stole from you)trembling all Chihuahua like because I am always cold.”

Christine is certified in Pet CPR & First Aid



Evening/Weekend Shift Leader

As our Evening and Weekend Shift Leader, Cody is tasked with all things “Town Related”.   Having had a love for dogs since as far back as he can remember, Cody has an innate need to have and be around dogs of all breeds.    Cody’s life goals include owing a Grumble of Pugs to roam around his large fenced in yard.   He is also working towards a degree in Business where he plans to use his daycare experience to open a dog daycare / brewery.

While we asked all of staff “If you were a dog, what breed/mix would you be and why”, we didn’t have to ask Cody this question.   Anyone that knows Cody, knows that Cody would be a Pug.   Cody’s wardrobe includes an impressive variety of pug shirts and pug socks.  Much like a Pug, Cody is attentive and clever, serious but with a laid-back attitude.

Cody is certified in Pet CPR & First Aid


Day Care Attendant

Emily’s dream is to help animals through training and taking care of their health needs.   Emily attended Animal Behavior College and most recently put her Vet Tech classes on hold as she is expecting a baby this fall.   You will find Emily working varied shifts during the week.

We asked Emily, “If you were a dog, what breed/mix would you be and why?”

Emily: “I would be a Scottish Terrier because I usually have a good tendency to see who i can trust.  Like a Scottish Terrier, I can be aloof and don’t need other humans to be happy.   I can also be  independent and stubborn.”

Emily is certified in Pet CPR & First Aid



Day Care Attendant

Preyas is a part of our energetic afternoon daycare crew.   You can also find him working a few morning shifts and weekends as well.   Preyas is a problem solver and always looking to add to the daycare experience of our guests.  He truly enjoys working with our most energetic dogs because he seeks out challenges and loves to give every dog a chance.   He is currently enrolled at New England Tech in the Network Engineering Program.   After graduation, he is looking to stay involved in animal care by volunteering his time with Save One Soul Animal Rescue League.

We asked Preyas, “If you were a dog, what breed/mix would you be and why?”.   Preyas: ” I would be a Tibetan Mastiff.  They are strong willed and intelligent and can take on any challenge.   They are protective of the ones they love and are great at making decisions on who is friend or foe.   Just like a Tibetan Mastiff, I can relate to that.”

Preyas is currently certified in Pet CPR & First Aid.


Day Care Attendant

Sam has been working with dogs for the past 15 years – dogs are her passion in life.   As part of our morning crew daycare staff, Sam can often be found in the parks keeping a watchful eye on our dogs.   Sam is currently enrolled in the Penn Foster Dog Training program to further her education.

We asked Sam, “If you were a dog, what breed/mix would you be and why?”

Sam: “I would be a Chihuahua – small and strong willed and never willing to back down”

Sam is currently certified in Pet CPR & First Aid.




Day Care Attendant

Part of our afternoon and weekend crew, Parker’s role in our facility is varied.   When not in the parks overseeing play, Parker is also tasked with housekeeping duties that ensure our guests are enjoying a fresh and clean environment.   Parker is currently attending Bridgewater State and is excited to have a job that allows for interacting with so many dogs.

We asked Parker, “If you were a dog, what breed/mix would you be and why?”

Parker: “I would be an Australian Shepherd – they are so driven.”


Day Care Attendant

A newer member of our team, Amanda is obsessed with all animals and brings her previous doggie daycare experience to The Town.  Amanda loves to read and enjoys spending time with her 7 year old son.   She also shares her home with her dog, Baemax, and her cat,Luna.

We asked Amanda, “If you were a dog, what breed/mix would you be and why?” Amanda: “I would be a Basset Hound.   I find them to be so adorable and they melt your heart, just like me!”


Day Care Attendant

As part of our overnight team, Tiffany oversees all of our hotel guests during their sleep time.  When not monitoring our guests for any out of the ordinary behavior, our overnight team is the cleaning machine that keeps our facility sparkling.   While we sleep, they scrub and prep our space for next day play.

Tiffany has worked in pet retail for 13+ years . She realized her love of animals when she started her first job at a family owned pet store when she was 14. She is passionate about pet nutrition and educating people on the importance of feeding high quality food to their pets.

We asked Tiffany, “If you were a dog, what breed/mix would you be and why?”

Tiffany: “I would say German Shepard . They are strong and loyal . Their courage and intelligence are unsurpassed and their beauty has always been striking to me .”


Day Care Attendant

Shelby is part of our weekend team.   A self proclaimed early bird, Shelby is in to help get our boarders off to a good start with breakfast before playgroup begins.   A lifelong animal lover with studies in Equine Science and Animal Husbandry, Shelby’s animal care experience ranges from cats to dogs and even horses.  Shelby enjoys horseback riding and volunteering for Save One Soul Animal Rescue League.

We asked Shelby, “If you were a dog, what breed/mix would you be and why?”  Shelby:  “I would be a wolf dog/hybrid.   They are unique and different and the closest descendants to being an actual wolf.”


Dog Trainer

With 10+ years as a dog trainer, owner and founder of Bad Dog Basics and graduate of Animal Behavior College, Melissa has found her home with us!.   On any given day, you will find her overseeing our daily playgroups and lending her skills to train our staff in proper dog behavior and play.   Melissa also holds group training classes here at our facility as well as managing our Day Camp Program and Puppy Kindergarten Classes

We asked Melissa, “If you were a dog, what breed/mix would you be and why?”.   Melissa:  “If I were a dog, I’d absolutely be a Great Pyrenees! I’m typically a low energy, laid back personality. I’m clever, very strong willed, immensely loyal, and can ALWAYS be counted on to be zen and focused in an emergency! Plus I’ve got amazing hair!

Melissa is currently certified in Pet CPR & First Aid.

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