Reserve Your Stay or Play with Us


All pet parents must show proof of up to date rabies, distemper, and bordetella vaccinations in order to stay and/or play at Bow chika Wow Town.  We also require proof of a negative fecal test (including the giardia panel) within one month prior to date of stay.  We request that the fecal testing be done every twelve months thereafter to help us ensure a safe and healthy facility.  Additionally, all dogs older than 7 months must spayed/neutered in order to receive services from us.


To Reserve Your Pet’s Hotel Stay with Us:
To Reserve Your Pet’s Daycare with us:
  • Register in our online scheduling and reservation system.
  • Schedule your pet’s free behavior evaluation.
  • Completion of all required enrollment forms – Registration & Release form
  • Successful completion of temperament test at Bow chika Wow Town by our trainer.
  • Get a jump start by reading our Town Rules