Dog Hotel

Don’t be Jealous if Fido is Enjoying Vacation more than You!

Stress less knowing we are here for Fido around the clock and 365 days a year!  We pride ourselves in offering human interaction and comfort with overnight staff too!  More often than not, playing all day in daycare makes for one sound sleeper.  However, if your dog tends to be anxious or has never boarded, take comfort in knowing our overnight team is right on hand for belly rubs and snuggling.

Dog Hotel Pricing & Policies  

Our rates are based on 24 hours of stay.  Check In & Check Out is between 7am and 7pm.  Beyond scheduled pick up times, daycare rates will apply.  We offer two overnight accommodation types for our hotel guests:

  • Standard Suite  $52 – Individual suites in our kennel room that range in size from 4’x4′ to 4’x8′.
    • 2nd family dog booked on the same reservation is $42 per night
  • Newly renovated Private Bedrooms $70.   Our newly renovated private bedrooms include individual climate controlled settings, piped in classical music and webcam viewing for mom and dad.  TV’s are coming soon for the pup that can’t miss their favorite shows!
    • 2nd family dog booked on the same reservation is $62 per night
    • 3rd family dog booked on the same reservation is $57 per night
  • Additionally we offer “The More You Stay – The Less You Pay” discounts as follows:
    • Stays from 7-10 nights receive an additional 5% off of their boarding rate
    • Stays from 11-15 nights receive an additional 10% off of their boarding rate
    • Stays from 16+ nights receive an additional 15% off of their boarding rate

Dog Hotel Rates

Take a Sneak Peek at Our Facilities!

“What’s a typical day like when my dog is a guest at BcWT’s Dog Hotel?” Click the tabs to see!


Wake up, go outside to potty, then it’s time for breakfast!

Wakey wakey!

Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey!


Under the supervision of BcWT’s caring and attentive team, hotel guests are encouraged to play chase, fetch balls, sun themselves outside, lounge in the pup pools in warm weather or just sit and “dog-watch”!



12311182_1218974118119306_710065163761514587_nDogs need a down time too!  Between Noon and 2pm our dogs take a break from play and rest up in individual suites.  Similar to humans, dogs require rest and reprieve to avoid injuries or crankiness after a big exercise session.   This time also allows our team to hold evaluations, debrief from morning group play, change shifts, and grab a bite to eat before the afternoon play begins.


Another session of play begins after nap time.  During the day we implement sessions of play that reinforce commands, teach play manners, and provide mental stimulation to supplement the physical play. Hotel guests head back to their suites from 430pm to 630pm for Dinner while our daycare dogs are being picked up by their parents.



colbyAfter Dinner our hotel guests head out for one last stretch and potty break before a bedtime snack and lights out.  But don’t worry, they’re not alone!  Our overnight crew takes turns throughout the week keeping them company, getting the facility ready for the next day, and waking them up in the morning to potty and eat breakfast.